I’m currently working on a masks project where together we explore
the idea of freeing the spirit by covering the face.
I’m curious to learn if masking the face can unmask parts of us that are hidden and don’t have much room in our daily experiences and interactions by setting a safe, cozy and intimate space in the studio
I’m inviting you to explore with me, learn about this ego and feelings we are hiding and muting and have the opportunity for us to stretch our boundaries of mind and comfort.

Not sure where and when will it end,
but here are some certain things:

  • You bring/make your own mask, a one you like and feel connected to.
  • Photoshoots will take place in my studio, south Tel Aviv.
  • Nudity is essential for the sake of the study.
  • Models will remain annonymous.
  • We’ll have a coffee together before shooting to look into each other’s eyes first and smile :)

Contact me for more information and/or to book a coffee talk
via;    Whatsapp (+972 54 5939966)